Monday, August 24, 2009

It's all about the food

Food as an essential part of live is a matter of everyone. Some people take their nutrition as serous as others follow a religion. I personally do not belong to the extremely religious crowd but I do take my nutrition seriously. That's why I stopped eating meat and try to stick to a kind of food combining nutrition theory. Today I bend the rules a bit and we had a traditional bavarian meal:
It's a salad made out of bread dumpling, some veggies, and an oil and vinegar dressing. Yummy I love bavarian food.
Tomorrow morning I will stick to the diet by eating fruits I've already prepared:

Talking about nutrition is as complicated as talking about the recent politic developments in Germany. Everybody seems to know a little bit but everybody want's to make the big decisions. I once got the advice not to eat salad in the evening because I would not pass the intestine as it would during the day. Ever since I figured out that this is a religious question I listen to all advices and make up my mind later.

So whatever you are following as a nutrition plan, keep going if you feel good by doing so. In case you figure out that you don't like to follow that specific one don't bother there are more than 600 so called healthy ones just waiting to be tested out ;).

Or in other words: Life is now. Press play!