Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas time...

... always flies by so fast. We spend the past days at Andreas' mother's home and yesterday we arrived at my mother's home to spend a couple of days too. Christmas has been awesome so far. Due to the wonderful and snowy weather it really feels like winter these days.
Among all the beautiful presents I got was a new camera. Thus we took a short walk through the center of Neuötting to take some pictures of the scenery:

On the second day of Christmas we went ice skating which was fun. Andreas gave his new noise reducing headphones a chance and is quite sure that he will use them.

Although I love early hours I have to admit that I finally feel tired :). So I'll write about all the other things that happened (e.g. trying out a new gear at Reit im Winkel), and some thoughts I had, after breakfast which will be rather later than sooner.

Take care