Wednesday, March 23, 2011

About the season or where is snow when you need it the most.....

The past weeks had been so incredible fast, insane, and awesome that I forgot about my cute little blog :(. After our holidays in Italy I jumped back on work, studying, teaching and exercising. Luckily I taught most of my classes by now and the general background noise (called work) will soften by the end of next week.
I still cannot believe that I haven’t used my snowboard for more than 3 weeks know. It’s a strange feeling. For the first time in my life I don’t like to switch to the summer season. I guess that’s passion. Hopefully we will go snowboarding once more before as a season closing weekend.
Here is a picture from our last day in Italy. We made some videos as well but I haven’t had the time to load up the good and the worst ones. Stay tuned I will definitively post some.

Let’s talk a bit about the insane part of the past weeks. In January I started to change my habits a bit. I stopped eating at the companies restaurant and started to climb (well crawl up) the stairs to my office. I also started to swim for an hour every week. I was desperate to get back in shape and I also considered it a wake-up call. During the NLP seminar I figured out that also I wanted to be slim I never worked towards this goal with emphasis. It was just a goal but not the goal. Somehow I wanted change but I didn’t want to do much for it.

One of my NLP course mates told me about a program called Insanity where you can have rocking results in only 60 days. I thought that’s hinky US marketing stuff. Being desperate enough I took a look and gave it a try. Here is an infomercial for you:

I’m in week three now and boy I was wrong with most of my assumptions on fitness and the program in general. It really is insane and it really is not for everybody. At the beginning I was struggling through the warm up.
Result wise I’m quite satisfied, I do shape up.

Even though I like the workouts, doing them is not as much fun as snowboarding. Especially now with all the stuff going on I miss the opportunity to leave everything behind me by taking a good ride in the snow.

So apparently I’m stuck for the next six month. I researched a bit about carpet snowboarding but I don’t think that it is an alternative but who knows.

Take care.