Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today had been a nice and changeful day. At work I'm pogo sticking between my projects and my inner urge to find a way to soften emotional based decisions into rather rational ones. I guess lifelong learning is the word used for such a behavior. I also had a funny little side project today, I corrected a translation of a wedding speech. It reminded me a lot of the my father's attempt at my own wedding. Public speaking seems to be hard if you are the bride's father ;). The weather today was remarkable. It changed every 3 to 4 minutes form bright and sunny to dark and stormy. Perfect conditions to take pictures of rainbows. Here is the one I toke from the office:

Monday, March 29, 2010


Thank god there are serotonin depressants! Yesterday I wrote that I felt like my brain was in rapid fire mode. Today I got a tit-for-tat response: migraine, yeah. After a long day at work and teaching at the university I longed for something different and so I went juggling. I didn't care for the headaches I thought they would disappear after getting out of the office. Didn't work out :(. After juggling a while I felt like I lost a bit of my sense of balance, and everything else was a bit odd too. At the beginning I thought that this just would be the confusion phase of learning but it got worse. After a horrible drive home I just took meds and went to bed.
Now the pain is gone and I feel rather hung over. Unfortunately, I'm out of medicine too but I'll call my GP tomorrow. I surfed  the web a bit to read more about the causes of migraine and I found the english wikipedia entry very helpful. I also found a description of the medicine I take very interesting. According to what I read, my brain has problems with serotonin and here is a picture of my hero:

If you have headaches and do not now how to deal with them make an appointment with your GP. My live changed drastically when I got the new medicine. Before that I would be trying to get some sleep while trying to ignore the pain and the nausea probably for the whole night. Now I slept for two hours, ate supper and I'm pain free. There is nothing to lose!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

This and that

Hey together ;)

Guess what, it's already Sunday again. I just took a picture of my sunflower and I cleaned up the house a bit. Did you know that cleaning up something can help to clear your mind? I once read a line in a book which was more or less "make the mental physical and the physical mental". At the moment my mind is seriously on fire. I have thousand thoughts about various topics in my mind simultaneously. Do you want to hear the top ones? Well, you don't have a choice anyway:
  • how to be a good human
  • how to gently push people out of their comfort zone
  • how to structure live
  • how to be meaningful
  • how to be helpful
  • how to deal with money or with people who waist it
  • where is the line between help and fixing someones live on one's own cost
I cleaned up a bit and my thoughts are becoming clearer. Now it's only more or less only this three topics:
  • living a frugal live
  • how to be a good human
  • how to deal with money and people who waist it
I'll go and clean the office a bit more. It might be that I'll write some a bit about financial aspects in future. I guess I'm doing that more for me than for anyone else but it might clam me down a bit that there are still some techniques on how to deal with money. 
To finish the post with a positive aspect here is the sunflower picture of the day:

I put the sunflower closer to the window over the week and it developed nicely. I can already see the second leaves coming out ;)
Next week I will take the picture on Thursday because we will leave over easter. So take care, we'll read us Thursday or maybe earlier.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Spark of Creativity

I'm not feeling overly creative at the moment but after learning the theoretical stuff I finished a longtime project. Since I'm tired, we went to the hot springs in Baden Baden, I'm not going to write much about it today. If you want to know something ask me ;)

The Sense of Time

I don't know what happened to all those hours and minutes between my last post and this one but it's Sunday again and I starved my blog for yet another week. In the past I often felt guilty for doing so but this time I actually don't.
So what happened last week? A lot, let's start with the sunflower. I figured out that one picture per day is boring thus I shifted the rhythm to once per week.

Apart from that I celebrated the end of my break from studying with enlisting in courses of the KIT, and with summarizing the first chapter of a very theoretic book. To my own astonishment, this time I really enjoyed the book. Maybe I just wasn't ready for all the theoretic insight the last time. To give you an impression how my summary of the first chapter looks like I made a screenshot of the mind map.

At the moment I'm ahead of time, yeahh. It feels great but I doubt that it will stay that way. Well, let's see how the next week will challenge me :). Speaking of challenges I took part in a competition last week and I hope that my submission will be under the top 8. So if you have time, keep your fingers crossed for me.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Weekend ...

... was hmm unspectacular. I did boring office stuff in the morning (5:00 AM to 7:30 AM) and went back to bed. After breakfast I listened to music and went to bed again. Later I planted a sunflower which I will take photos of every day from now and went to bed again. I guess you got the underlying principle. Here are the first pictures of my sunflower:

 Some days ago I planted tomatoes and other stuff in a small greenhouse. Somehow they always tend to be to long :(. Although they are looking funny at the moment I'm convinced that the plants will turn out well, somehow.

Good morning everyone

After a rather stressful week I ended up having a cold. Thus I spent most of the time sleeping yesterday. I guess it was necessary and good that I did so. Unfortunately I woke up a bit early this morning but sometimes rather bad things have an upside too. This morning my little friend in my right ear, the one that's constantly making noises, is on vacation ;).
I listened closely but it didn't come back so I enjoyed the silence in my ear and listened to all the other background noises e.g. Andreas'  PC was gently humming from the office next door, and he snored a bit. After a while the PC stopped and Andreas turned around. Bloody boring morning.
Now it's quarter past 5 and I will make myself a cup of tea.
See you later.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

One unfinished object less

I finished "Radar Elk" ;). Unfortunately after Christmas but I will sew an elk shelter and than he will rest in the basement until October ;)

Apart from the elk I worked on administration stuff today e.g. paying bills and collecting recites :(. In the afternoon we will visit my sister to celebrate her birthday.

Enjoy the weekend and take care!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Survivors :)

We survived our vacation. Apart from a rather crazy tour and an unexpected amount of broken equipment (one snowboard, one hight back/ a part of the binding, one jacket, a pants, and two leashes) the time had been great. I'm still trying to regain all my strength but it was worth it. Here are some pictures:

The spectacularly broken things

Scenery and other stuff
Can you spot the tiny cross in the upper right corner? That's where we walked to ;)

That's how you manage to walk in deep snow.

 That's the result of the procedure shown above

Never the less it still was a really great holiday. I'll be on the hunt for a new jacket and maybe a new helmet because I fell hard the last day. Although I like the week I'm more in the mood for summer now thus this will be probably the last entry about snowboarding for a while.