Sunday, October 4, 2009

Malsch a town with People

Astonishing but true, there can be life in Malsch. Yesterday was a federal holiday in Germany and many people used the Friday to go shopping and to create a catastrophe like environment in every supermarket. Thus shopping was a big issue at work at Friday too. My boss told me that she stood up earlier than usual to hit the supermarket before all the other people could do so.In general one should assume that according to the behavior most people should have enough to eat at home after a power shopping trip.
The town I live in declared some Sundays as shopping ones. Today was one of these. They advertised it as a fair but it's just not comparable to real fairs. We went to town to eat one of our favorite turkish dishes which are only offered when there is a fair. So we saw many people, normally you don't spot many people in the streets. I took a photo to show you how crowded it was but my quick internet research told me that it illegal to publish
such pictures. I'll ask my favorite lawyer tomorrow whether this is right or not. Until I found an adequate answer to this question I'll show you the elk I made but it's still work in progress.
Andreas calls it "Radar Elk" because of it's antlers been sewn on the opposite side of the head. Once I finished "Radar Elk" I'll take another picture.
I hope you had a great weekend too and enjoy the evening. :)