Thursday, October 15, 2009


Finally I have some time left to post the pictures from the trip to France where we did geocaching. Geocaching is hiking for the web 2.0 crowd. To make hiking more interesting to people who rather look at forests via google earth, the hiking part is woven into a game. The aim of it is to find the caches (little plastic boxes with small and more or less useful gifts). Caches are listed in an internet portal with their coordinates. To find one of them a forrest navigation system (GPS receiver), hiking shoes, good weather, and a strong will to find that plastic box is needed.

Here are some pictures of our high-tech hide and seek trip:

After I tried this type of hiking I'm still not convinced that hiking will be my favorite free time activity in future. I fear that the impression of hiking being a useless used timeperiod in which people practice an antiquated way of traveling, will stay imprinted into my brain for a while. Nonetheless I have to commit that it was fun.