Sunday, March 28, 2010

This and that

Hey together ;)

Guess what, it's already Sunday again. I just took a picture of my sunflower and I cleaned up the house a bit. Did you know that cleaning up something can help to clear your mind? I once read a line in a book which was more or less "make the mental physical and the physical mental". At the moment my mind is seriously on fire. I have thousand thoughts about various topics in my mind simultaneously. Do you want to hear the top ones? Well, you don't have a choice anyway:
  • how to be a good human
  • how to gently push people out of their comfort zone
  • how to structure live
  • how to be meaningful
  • how to be helpful
  • how to deal with money or with people who waist it
  • where is the line between help and fixing someones live on one's own cost
I cleaned up a bit and my thoughts are becoming clearer. Now it's only more or less only this three topics:
  • living a frugal live
  • how to be a good human
  • how to deal with money and people who waist it
I'll go and clean the office a bit more. It might be that I'll write some a bit about financial aspects in future. I guess I'm doing that more for me than for anyone else but it might clam me down a bit that there are still some techniques on how to deal with money. 
To finish the post with a positive aspect here is the sunflower picture of the day:

I put the sunflower closer to the window over the week and it developed nicely. I can already see the second leaves coming out ;)
Next week I will take the picture on Thursday because we will leave over easter. So take care, we'll read us Thursday or maybe earlier.