Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Sense of Time

I don't know what happened to all those hours and minutes between my last post and this one but it's Sunday again and I starved my blog for yet another week. In the past I often felt guilty for doing so but this time I actually don't.
So what happened last week? A lot, let's start with the sunflower. I figured out that one picture per day is boring thus I shifted the rhythm to once per week.

Apart from that I celebrated the end of my break from studying with enlisting in courses of the KIT, and with summarizing the first chapter of a very theoretic book. To my own astonishment, this time I really enjoyed the book. Maybe I just wasn't ready for all the theoretic insight the last time. To give you an impression how my summary of the first chapter looks like I made a screenshot of the mind map.

At the moment I'm ahead of time, yeahh. It feels great but I doubt that it will stay that way. Well, let's see how the next week will challenge me :). Speaking of challenges I took part in a competition last week and I hope that my submission will be under the top 8. So if you have time, keep your fingers crossed for me.