Monday, March 29, 2010


Thank god there are serotonin depressants! Yesterday I wrote that I felt like my brain was in rapid fire mode. Today I got a tit-for-tat response: migraine, yeah. After a long day at work and teaching at the university I longed for something different and so I went juggling. I didn't care for the headaches I thought they would disappear after getting out of the office. Didn't work out :(. After juggling a while I felt like I lost a bit of my sense of balance, and everything else was a bit odd too. At the beginning I thought that this just would be the confusion phase of learning but it got worse. After a horrible drive home I just took meds and went to bed.
Now the pain is gone and I feel rather hung over. Unfortunately, I'm out of medicine too but I'll call my GP tomorrow. I surfed  the web a bit to read more about the causes of migraine and I found the english wikipedia entry very helpful. I also found a description of the medicine I take very interesting. According to what I read, my brain has problems with serotonin and here is a picture of my hero:

If you have headaches and do not now how to deal with them make an appointment with your GP. My live changed drastically when I got the new medicine. Before that I would be trying to get some sleep while trying to ignore the pain and the nausea probably for the whole night. Now I slept for two hours, ate supper and I'm pain free. There is nothing to lose!