Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back from skating

I just came back from skating and it feels great for several reasons. First I really felt that I need to do some sport, second I don't feel guilty for eating Tart Flambee (Flammkuchen) any more, third I am still on track with my self experiment of creating a new habit, and finally forth I had to clear my mind quickly it was overwhelmed by information it collected during the day.

Disadvantageously the sun is not shining at night that's why I need something like this:

I think it will be handy in case:
  • I'm too tired to exercise directly after work
  • I'm too lazy to do so before cooking
  • the sun is not (anymore/yet) shining
  • I cannot do strength training at home because I did so the day before :(
I think I'll buy one if I don't receive one as a birthday present. Now I'll hurry to read this twenty pages of Spanish literature which we will discuss tomorrow morning at class.