Saturday, August 29, 2009


I used to watch a documentary movie about creativity some weeks ago. In the movie creativity was studied from various angels. For the first time I understood why a company's management does not like creativity. I always thought that the reason why management people don't like creativity is because they don't have much of it but that's probably not true. The real reason is that creativity brings a lot of chaos into any organization and the management loves to have an environment that sticks to plans :).
I'm sticking to my plan of learning the math stuff and I accomplished to learn a big deal yesterday. After learning I treated myself with crafting. Some days ago I started to make a new bag out of woven newspaper strings. To finish up this project I only needed to sew a lining and to apply strings for the handles.

To make the paper shell waterproof each paper strap is wrapped into clear plastic tape.

That's a detailed picture of the lining. I used a heavy cord fabric to give more strengths to the bag. I also sew a cellphone pocked and some pencil holders on the inside of the lining.
If you like the bag you can either find all the necessary information on or you can order one from me.
I got to go math is calling.