Sunday, August 30, 2009

How do you find out that a man has cleaned the kitchen?

Most likely because it's clean afterwards. You will be delighted and enjoy the moment of shared responsibilities and mutual help. In a perfect world both men and women would have the same sense of tidiness. Unfortunately life is not fair and men and women will probably never share the same sense of anything (humor, structure, tidiness, security, health, dieting.......). When it comes to tidiness both will work around the others habits until one of them is fed up with the situation and explodes. I did so when I couldn't open my cupboard without fearing that something will fall on me anymore.
From the male point of argumentation boxes to put all the boxes in were missing. From my point of view the will of stacking the boxes together was missing.
Since I didn't want to argue about the cupboard anymore we invested some time in kitchen reorganization.
Today I cleared the dishwasher and found my cupboard like this:

I know its not really untidy but it's a beginning and from there to the moment when you can't open the door without fear it's only 6 weeks.
Anyway I am a lucky person to have help in the kitchen and maybe the new cupboard order just needs to be visualized a bit more:

This afternoon we will take a trip to the black forest to take some pictures. I borrowed a camera which makes IR pictures and I'm very exited to try that out. Here is one I took this morning:

See you later ;).