Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Family Event

So here I am trying to sum up the past weekend. As I mentioned we visited my grandmother to celebrate her 95th birthday. In general it was a nice day where I met a lot of nice people but as usual family affairs are the most complex and difficult ones.
While driving home I had plenty of time to think about the whole weekend/evening and why situations are handled like this by certain people :).
First and foremost on each family party a lot of different mindsets, values and experiences clash together which leads to tension and that may lead to conflicts. I am really happy that we spared the discussing our conflicts part this time.
And yet it arouse my thoughts during the drive home. I once discussed a fancy statement with a friend he stated that: "There would be a better world if everyone told the truth." Since there is not the Truth, I think it would be enough to be honest about your feelings and your thoughts.
I guess it would be a very tough start if everyone started to be honest. It is a really great thought experiment and here is a provoking question to start with:

"Do our loved ones deserve more than friendly words? Don't they deserve first and foremost our honesty?"