Thursday, August 20, 2009

A starving blog

I forgot to write blog posts but I'll catch up now. The last days had been filled with various different activities and appointments.

Let's start with Monday:
Well, it's the first day of a week, thus it's usually filled with a lot of work and work related activities. In the evening I went to Toastmasters Karlsruhe and delivered a speech. It had been the first time that I delivered a speech with the worst headaches. It is often written in these self help guides against low self-esteem that you need to face the situations you usually avoid, even if you feel horrible by doing so. The truth about that speech I gave on Monday is, that I hardly prepared it and I felt like I am drowning. Looking back I have to admit that it probably was not so bad at all.
At least I now that I can give 5 to 7 minute speeches nearly unprepared now :).

It's violin day. After work I went to my violin class. Regarding the classes I'm in a flow right now and I'm truly wondering how long it will last.
Afterwards at home I jogged with Andreas and I expanded my usual round a little bit.

We begun the day with an medical specialist appointment where we got checked for allergies. Andreas was tested positive for house dust mites, as we expected. I was tested completely negative ;). Now Andreas is dreaming of a cat and I still want to have a dog although I know, that I just don't have enough time to care for one.
Apart from fascination goal changes in a running project I'm working on, most of the day was busyness as usual. I got home with headaches and went straight to bed.

Started great. I went skating in the morning because the day was forecasted to be the hottest one 2009. Everything else I'll blog later.