Thursday, August 27, 2009


or my newly (today 8:00 AM) gained sympathy for all those people who are grumpy in the morning.
Most of the time I am a trained morning person, which means nothing more than that I would prefer to stay in bed but value the time more than my comfort. After a cup of tea and breakfast I can focus and be productive if I want to. Waking me up and sparing the breakfast tends to turn my first half of the day into a disaster. Since yesterday the town's administration decided to mow the lawn on the opposite side of the street. In general I'm in favour of this decision but the lawn-mowing people started at precisely 8:00 AM. I mean don't they eat breakfast, can't they read newspaper for 15 minutes before starting to be so noisy?
Hell I'll be screwed at least until lunch :(.
To all those people I probably woke up at 10:00 AM at the weekend by practising violin, I am really sorry. I promise not to do it again, really! I will start at a later hour ;).


P.S. I am in a hurry to fly from our gorgeous cleaning aid who tends to talk to me too much (something I cannot stand without proper breakfast :( ) that I forgot to take a picture of the evil lawn-mowing people. My bet is that they will be back tomorrow maybe I'll take a picture of them after the Spanish conversation class.