Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Connecting the dots backwards

When it comes to the topic of public speaking there are some quite famous speakers who are always named. I am neither one of them but I love to listen and learn from the best. A particular speech I really like is a commencement speech from Steve Jobs. He is sharing his experiences with the students in an emotional but convenient way. If you don't know the video you can watch it right now:

So why am I showing you this video? In general because it captures a lot of the why, I'm doing so much (e.g. work, music, language, teaching, art, etc.). I don't know why I invest time in some of my hobbies(e.g. learning languages and studying psychology) apart from the fact that I like to do so but I do believe I it will work out some day.
In other areas I think I found a part of the answer. Music for instance is something I always loved. My aunt used to play piano for me and thus I associated music with peace, love, wealth and knowledge. In other words with everything I wanted to achieve. Unfortunately my two bigger sisters imprinted the idea of "we are not talented in music and don't want to have music lessons" deeply into the brains of my parents. As time passed I ended up finishing school without any noteworthy music skills.
Today I practice piano, play violin and sing and I really love to do all of it. Connecting the dots backwards not being able to learn an instrument (apart from trumpet- yes I really was despaired enough to do so) in my childhood equipped me with a strong will to change and learn. I also don't associate music in the way I did before ;).
The world is filled with many fascinating, interesting and remarkable things. It would be a shame not to investigate them, wouldn't it?

Steve Jobs summed it up in with conclusion of the commencement speech:
"Stay hungry stay foolish."