Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Christmas

Yup I'm not kidding it's Christmas. And now I will give you a short introduction why. First because it's not summer anymore it was quite cold some days ago. That's a criteria but I fear that I didn't convince you with this one. That's good because I have another one: I started learning english again and it's paid by my employer. :) Let's combine both criteria together. First it's not summer and second I got a gift.
Ok, maybe your right, that could also be something like divine intervention or pure coincidence. Here is the third criteria I like to add. I bought gingerbread in the supermarket two days ago :). That one is a good one, isn't it? And I have still one left. I received my new car too. To sum it up: not summer anymore, cool english lessons, brand new car, and gingerbread does sound like Christmas :).
There is one downside, I need to fetch up on the correct usage of the past tenses in English. The fabulous teacher spotted my grammar flaw in no time. Today I'll just finish the homework. It's about easily confused words like peace and piece. One of my followed blog's author has trouble to differentiate these words which let to an interesting statement about Michael Jackson's death. So maybe I'll take a look at the past tenses tomorrow.
I'll also post some articles I've prepared to answer some open questions and give you an overview of my past days.
I really hope that you don't have anything resting in pieces :P. (I think my old car will do so soon).
Take care.