Sunday, September 20, 2009

Junta „Republica de las Bananas“

Good morning everyone ;)

Don't worry I'm not up again, I'm still awake but I will go to bed soon. Today I went to a birthday party of a friend and we played Singstar. I really don't like games like that but as usual after trying out I realize, that I am not going to die playing it. Thank you for this valuable experience.
Speaking of valuable experiences Thursday night we played a game called "Junta" and I learned that I would be a horrible politician if I were trying to be one. The aim of the game is to collect money and put it away in your secret bank account while being a high ranking politician of the banana's republic. The Here are some pictures:

The rules of the game are a bit odd because they explicitly ask you to cheat on the other players. Weird, confusing and mean but maybe it's just like live can be sometimes.

Good night everyone and take care.