Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good morning run

Good morning everyone. Today's morning had been a beautiful one and I used it to run. I wrote a lot about fitness, set backs and my goal to keep fit, so today's post will be one of this kind. Recently I listened to podcasts again and I found one with the topic motivation. In this podcast someone said that there are 4 stages of running:
  1. I have to run
  2. I will run
  3. I love to run
  4. It's running
When I started to run I really pushed me to do so. That's the first stage. In general I don't believe it's bad to gently force yourself to do anything. However psychologically it's a self suggestion and your subconscious will be working against you all the time. I think the first half year after I started I was running against my subconscious. Then I figured out that running can be fun and entered the stage two in which I still am. In the podcast the trainer said that you can use your thoughts to be better in running or other activities if you just think in stage 4 terms. Being curious about such theories I tried it out this morning. I just imagine myself running as stage 4 runners do, being in a flow not caring about anything else in the world. It (my body) enjoyed this new freedom and ran a little bit to fast :(. I ended up not finishing my usual round and being out of breath too.
Probably all this psychological ticks need to be practised too. The next time I will stick to stage 2 again and will control the speed to be able to finish that round.
I wish everyone a day full of flows :).