Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bye bye summer welcome autumn...

When do you know it's autumn? You will figure it out the day you step out of your front door and the weather is neither bright and shiny nor is it raining it's just in-between. You start your usual exercise trip and after a third of it, it starts to rain and doesn't stop until you're finished. While taking extra care not to fall while skating you figure out that all those leaves that are falling are beautifully colored in the worst and ugliest brown. The brown I knew from my boring natural hair color. That's the day you will know it's autumn. So what benefits and risks does skating in the rain on a autumn day offers to the one who is still willing to exercise:
  1. You will get wet. Don't think of slightly damp cloth, think of soaking wet from top to bottom than you are on the right way.
  2. You will have a brand new exercising experience. It probably was never that adrenalin rich. Okay, you also probably never had the feeling of sliding away sideway instead of going forward.
  3. You will train the way your brain organizes the motoric commands towards your muscles because you will be rather sliding than skating.
  4. You can sympathize with the jump and run game heros because you will try not to hit one of the many new obstacles in your way. (An author's tip: do not try to jump!)
  5. You will feel twice as fatigue as usual because of the reasons mentioned above.
  6. You will start to love bad asphalt, because it will give you the grip you need.
  7. You will be thankful for every pound you haven't lost due to proper exercise and a sensible diet.
In general I do not recommend skating in the rain but it does not kill you either. When I was close to home it actually stopped raining. So I could enjoy a rainbow and the sun a bit. :)
Apart from my jump and run skating experience I need to drop some lines about my blog. Until now I've posted 47 times and the average post ratio per day was around 1 for the last two month. I probably will not be able to hit this kpi this month because I have to do a lot. I will try to but I'm pretty sure you rather see me sleeping half an hour longer than writing nonsense just to hit that kpi. I'll try to catch up a bit by showing some of the creative projects I'm working on but I don't have much time for them either. I also will write something about THE cookie jar because I haven't found a proper solution jet.
All in all stay tuned there will be news but maybe not daily.

Greetings Me.