Friday, September 11, 2009

Long time no see!

I know I promised to write at least a little bit but I didn't feel like sharing my ideas and thoughts of the past days would be a great idea.
Albert Einstein once said that life is like a riding a bicycle. You need to keep going to keep the balance. To my mind the phrase is logical and past week I would have accepted it as it is. Today I dissent from the statement. I figured out that the human body keep running totally unbalanced for a while, a long while.
As I already wrote I prepared for my math exam the past weekends but I also worked on an interesting and challenging project at work. Both "projects" have been important to me and jet both together build up an enormous stress level. Thus I ended up developing tinnitus which kept me awake during the night.
I went to a specialist and they recommended a (boring) uneventful or easeful life. Well that sounds like the opposite of my current life, the one I like the way it is. Despite that they put me on medication so that my ear should get better. To regain some air and time to recover I canceled the math exam and rescheduled it to June/July 2010 :(. Somehow that helped a bit but I think it was not the exam alone the pushed me into the situation.
I also thought about getting the recommended type of life but I didn't find a singe activity I want to take the edge of. Here are some activities and my current point of view about them:
  • Work- I cannot help myself, I still like what I'm doing
  • Learning violin- won't stop doing so. I probably learned more about personality, facing change, emotions, trust and how to tackle difficult situations during the past one and three quarter years than I did in any public speaking or management class.
  • Other instruments- hell I am lazy, it just works why should I stop doing so.
  • Languages- I wouldn't say that I'm doing much for each of the languages I speak, I just keep reading a book or a magazine etc.
  • Fitness- way to important to lower the stress level.
  • Distance study- I really want to learn more about psychology....
All in all, pretty bad hmm? Yes, that is exactly how I feel right now. Maybe Einstein is still right, maybe while going on I will find a way to "manage" all my hobbies (including work, I am pretty sure I will explain that in a different post one day) in a more balanced way.
Since my ear and mood is getting better I also will start to post again. In the past days often strolled through the streets after the ear treatment and I found some great adverts for the upcoming elections in Germany. I will post the outstanding ones tomorrow. Keep in touch ;).