Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vegetarian food

I should take my camera with me when I go to lunch more often. I don't know why the vegetarian lunch schedule is so horrible. Some weeks ago I met the canteen's chef and we had a conversation like this:
I: If you don't mind could you introduce a vegetarian burger into the meal plan?
Chef: Why?
I: Because I really would like spend my lunch time here more often but the vegetarian schedule is scaring me off.
Chef: You make my heart cry.... Wait we had salad this week and French toast and ....
I: Yes and you had the horrible carrot celery thing too.
Chef: I'll think about the burger.
Today I had formally deep-frozen peas, corn, carrots and Brussels sprouts with pasta and Hollandaise sauce.
Maybe a look at would help to find meals that are slightly more interesting than French toast and veggies with Hollandaise sauce.