Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What a day....

Somehow I come to the conclusion that February is the most boring month of the year. Well at least I feel like that. There is nothing new at the moment or nobody is writing about the new stuff. The German Federal Court of Justice came to the conclusion that the money paid for children living in on welfare is  too little. Who wouldn't have come to that conclusion, hmm?
Apart from that I encountered a new word creation by Westerwave today: "duckchiefed". Most of the time I don't get the riddles right at the first glimpse. "Duckchiefed" is a straight translation from German into English. The right word would be "beheaded". Well at least I learned a new word today.
Speaking of new words a few days ago I learned that "to gift" has a different meaning than to make a present". After posting the entry about my sisters' and the general difficulty of finding gifts for them I got an e-mail with the headline "to gift is not a verb".
I looked it up and found out that the verb "to gift" exists but it's British English and it's only used in journalism. The example was something like: "They gifted their opponents a goal." 
Thanks for the advise to check on my language. If you want to check you ideas too please use the OALD as a first point of reference ;). 
Maybe I should write about the weather, many bloggers do so at the moment :) but apart from the fact that it is gray and cold there is not much to say. Tonight after comming home from donating blood I'll take a look at at the pictures I made in Ischgl last weekend maybe they are inspiring for a new post.
Take care.