Monday, February 8, 2010

Marion's present

Since the package should have reached the destination by now I'll update you on what I sent. After writing about cheap make up my sister complained that she has no clue how to make day friendly looks. Thus I went shopping and bought her a small set eye make up to start with. I printed out some blanc face charts and designed 4 different looks to start with.

These two ones are the "natural every day" looks, she longed for. Therefore I also bought a "Alverde" eye-shadow pallet with cream and brown as colors.

To reduce my stash a bit I compiled a set for the other looks consisting of white, sparkling grey and black, light brown and mauve colored eye-shadow. The box is a self made magnetic make up pallet small enough to fit in nearly every handbag.

I really hope that the set will be loved and used ;). Maybe she will upload a new picture of herself in her blog soon. If you are disparately searching for blanc face sheets I found mine from a great how to video made by Kristina.