Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can a women get along with cheap make up?

This question had been on my mind for a while. It was a result from a shopping trip in "Karstadt" which is kind of a big store just like Nordstrom in the US , or Marks & Spencer in GB they were promoting MAC make up. I know that MAC is one of the best make up brands at the moment but it's seriously pricy. Thus I resisted to shop even more make up and thought about a project with inexpensive make up.
On January the 5th I was asked to go to a party, and I thought it's great idea to try inexpensive make up :).
Here is what I used:

  • some powder from basic (less than 5€)
  • eyeshadow base from Rival de Loop (2€)
  • magic mascara from essence (3€)
  • eye shadows (I bought them in Sweden but they don't have a brand) (less than 3€)
  • some liquid foundation (less than 5€)
  • coal pencil :) 
In general I think the answer is yes we could get along with cheap make up if we had to but working with this sort of make up is more challenging than usual.
Here is the result:

I guess it's a question of patience and skill. Since the experiment is over I probably will give most of the make up up for adoption. I know a sweet little me who loves to experiment and who probably will be very trilled to get new make up for free. Let's hope that her mom has nothing against it ;).