Sunday, January 17, 2010

In memory of the snow...

which left us today. The past days had been stuffed with appointments, work, all the little issues that always seem to pop up in January and lots of snow. Because of the weather, and my incompetence to get proper tires for my new car I had to use the public transport system.

On the one hand it's actually not that bad. I also found out that I can use a students discount because I'm enlisted with the university in  Hagen but on the other hand early wake ups still suck the most :(. Here are some pictures I took over the course of the last week. Enjoy them the snow disappeared today.

Even the garden looked nice, and tidy :)

This one I made on the way from my vocal guru to work. Astonishing but true, I needed the same amount of time as I need with the car but it took me over an hour to get there in the morning.

This one is the best one. Here's a little quiz for you: Did I take the picture from within the train, or not?

Take care