Sunday, January 31, 2010

Knitting == Procrastination

I had a lazy weekend. I had to spend most of my saturday alone because Andreas was working. To shortcut any moments of boredom I made a list of items worthwhile to accomplish. It included topics like:
  • clean up basement
  • toss around a shelf in the basement
  • cook
  • exercise
  • clean up desk
  • prepare lessons for the new university class
  • learn math
  • clean up garden
  • hang up bird-feed
  • call mom to share the latest problems with the food processor with her
  • call sisters ;)
Sunday is nearly over now and I can tell you what I accomplished. Basically I did everything on the list  except preparing lessons and learning for my distance study class :(.
Now I am a proud owner of a semi-clean garden, the shelf in the basement is in the right position, the birds will find their feed, we had a great dinner, and mom knows that I don't get along with the food processor. Apart from that I also encountered an old knew procrastination habit again: knitting.
If you need to procrastinate now, start to knit something. Instant satisfaction is guaranteed (at least if you knit socks)! I found the boring black pair of socks I'm trying to finish for ages and knitted a bit but then I surfed through the web and found something new: spiral socks. Although I usually don't like the "one size fits all" approach, I had to try this out. Here is how far I got today (yes it's all from today):

I decided to gift them to someone who probably need some attention thus I have an excuse for further procrastination knitting ;). Maybe I need to make a list of tasks I don't want to do to find out what they have in common. Well, if not I have to switch to larger size socks to gift them to friends.