Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A starving little blog...

First and foremost, I'm sorry for not writing anything in the past days. I was either busy preparing for university or more likely very busy relaxing or knitting.
At the moment I'm often tired, I guess it's the "week before holidays" syndrome. Apart from that I'm sick of snow. My sister send me a great picture I like to share with you:
All in all a great pre-set to pass the upcoming holidays in a skiing area, isn't it? I just hope that my mood will boost up a bit if not I have to include Jagertee or hot spiced red vine ;).
Now I'll head to my fabulous violin teacher who is excellent in expressing everything wanted or not in a figurative manner. If I'm confronted with a new picture, I'll let you know later.
I'll probably writing a new post later anyway because I have to finish my homework for my Spanish class and that's always a reason for procrastination :).