Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Welcome to the health resort

After the rather sad news I wrote about in the last post I want to amuse you with the experience I am making in the health resort which I am currently testing.
In general it's quite nice only the timetable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is, well, not even close to what I would call nice. Thus the day starts off at 6:45 AM with meds followed by breakfast at 7:15AM. Once passed that hurdle there is some time to sleep again until 11:15 AM when the schedule is calling for lunch already. The afternoon is kind of free except for dinnertime 5:15PM.
I also learned a lot yesterday. Since I was originally scheduled for my tonsillectomy for 3:30 PM there was time to ask questions about all the funny equipment the doctors use to give anesthesia ;). Very interesting ;) one of the doctors/assistants, I don't know for sure anymore, explained why Profonol is such a good anesthesetic :). I think I understand why Michael Jackson liked it it makes a nice feeling before one totally passes out. After a while I woke up remembering the "dream" I had but I cannot recall it today, I only know that it wasn't the nicest one.
That's it for today I'll try to find a less boring afternoon activity. Maybe I'll take a short walk somewhere were they sell food because my vegetarian lunch contained chicken :(. I'll never understand why so many people strongly believe that "chicken" and "lamb" are not animals as well.
Welcome to the magic world of a dietary cook.
Take care.

P.S.: The average blog post per day ratio last month was 0.45 :).