Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It's so good to be home again. I cannot say that the time in the hospital was really bad, no not at all, the personal had been friendly and caring but I just wasn't home.
Well, the new roommate I got was also quite challenging. She was either talking or she used to snore :(.
In the last post I explained the vegetarian chicken menu, for this post I have something special ;). Pictures! Yes, I photographed the last two menus I got, to share the beauty of dietary cooking with you.
The first one was supposed to be "broccoli soufflé" but I didn't find broccoli in it.
The second one was something with mushrooms in cream sauce.
It looks as if it tastes horrible but in reality it only looks this way. It actually tasted much better than the canteen at work ;).
I'll go to bed now, because I'm really tired. Tomorrow I have to manage some things (e.g. follow up appointments, buying funeral cloth etc.). Therefor I will drive into the city for an hour or two depending on how the pain meds will work, or not.

Take care :)