Wednesday, November 25, 2009

About taking something for granted

Each beautiful day we take so many things for granted. Based upon our experience we walk around not noticing some the miracles, changes, and challenges life has to offer.
During the past weeks I faced more emotions than I did in my teenage years. I never thought I would feel so controversial emotions at the same time. There had been a lot of "what if" constructs in my mind most likely followed be "so what it's to late anyhow" ones.
I also think I haven't discusses all the "what if"s to come to a final conclusion but I have found some questions which sum up the aspects that are bothering my mind.

* What does it take to be a good human?
That one is very philosophical and can be split in two other ones.
* Shall a human be judged based upon his/her actions, or his/her intentions?
* Is the influence a person might have/had on my own live a valid option to judge on?

And then there is the illness, responsibility, manners, and kindness part:

* Is an illness an excuse for everything?
* Can an illness be used as an excuse for bad manners?
* In how far is it justified to give up one's own rights and emotions to nurse someone?
* Who is responsible for happiness, or the lack of it?

All in all these questions are tough to answer and I guess that everyone needs to find an own way to so.
As you read my mind is quite busy so I also need to do a lot of things to distract my mind from all those questions.
Someone once said that those dark days, filled with deepest sorrow, unleash an unbound creativity.
For me I figured out that it's true. To make my mind shut up I played piano, sewed Christmas presents, and did a whole lot of other creative activities.
As soon as possible (I don't want to spoil any presents yet) I'll post some pictures of the creative gifts :).

Take Care and don't take to many things as granted ;P.