Friday, July 31, 2009

Weekend planing and other stuff

The weekend is coming up and we will leave for a short trip to Bavaria. You know this little country within Germany which doesn't really belong to Germany ;).

Since the math exam is coming up I will try to learn . On account of this I will take a lot of reading materials and other study related things with me.

Apart from that I also considered to take some belongings with me that will help me to focus on other topics than math. I already localised the following ones:
  • Bikini, -the weather will be fine
  • Violin, -I need to practise, the next lesson is on Monday and that's way earlier than the math exam :)
  • Inline-Skates -without these I would violate my soon to be habit of training every day at least a bit.
  • Website project -a litte practise can't hurt.
  • MacBook -to write little post for my blog to keep the promise of one post per day in average.

I'll make a picture of what I have to read tomorrow mornig, and maybe one from the pile that is left on Sunday evening.