Sunday, July 26, 2009

In times like these...

I've learned recently that in times like these it is crucial to invest part of your portfolio in gold.
In case a part of your portfolio is all what is left
or you don't have a portfolio, here are some possibilities how to invest your money:

Geeky tools:

It's nice small and can connect you to others. In other words it's kind of an address book. The first step into the modern way of exchanging addresses and personal information is buying a Poken (that's the plastic thing shown above). After this a profile needs to be created and that's it.
Sharing your information is easier than ever, you just need to find someone who owns a Poken as well. This part can be tricky because some people's answer might be: "No I don't and I don't want to have one. You know, I just don't like hypes."
Having found one you just need to hold both of them together to exchange the data.

You'll find something, I found this:

Swedish grammar, in hope that it will help me to understand all of it someday.

Fitness stuff:
Last time I bought strap on weights for my arms and a skipping rope. This time it's a DVD.

Other stuff:
I won't tell you for what we bought the paint until it's finished :).

;) Yummy.