Friday, January 21, 2011

Studies on the brain obesity

Here is a wakeup call. Some days ago a read some articles about brain inflammation and obesity. You might think right now: "Come on girl you are not obese, maybe a little bit too chubby but definitively not obese. So why shout you care". To be honest I care because it scares hell out of me. Two years ago I found out that belly fat increases the risk of diabetes. Although using fear as a motivator isn't the best idea, I shed some kilos and never gained them back. 
Let's get back to the original story. Scientists figured out that obese people have a constant inflammation in their brains. That doesn't mean that obese people are less intelligent than others but the inflammation affects areas of the brain that are responsible for self-control.
Isn't that interesting? 
I always thought that self-control, motivation, vision, and the right choice of food are the ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. Well, it seems that self-control might be something that's not equally distributed among all people. Thus what are we going to do with this piece of information? In my case I'm going to put it on the "things I don't want to have in my life list". The list is not very long because I usually focus on things I want to have in my life more than the opposite site. 
In case you do have a hard time to control yourself in terms of food or exercise, I can recommend you to use the other factors :). To have ha vision is vital; you need to know where you want to be before you get started otherwise it will be hard.
For 2011 I want to regain physical fitness. So I pictured my future self to be fit by no means and I figured out what I could do during the day. Also I knew that walking stairs is beneficial, I always avoided them as much as possible. Now I’m giving it a try and I do walk the stares to my office (9 floors) at least once during the day. Believe me small things can have a huge impact.