Sunday, April 25, 2010

Self made box :)

Writing about frugality I want to show you how I do recycle old magazines.  Some of you might know my small bag. I made it nearly a year ago and I still love it. It's made out of some old gothic magazines which I couldn't throw into garbage. It has a lining inside and I added a flower recently.

Yesterday I made a box to keep my sewing stuff together. The technique is the same as the one for the bag, it's just bigger and doesn't have a lining. Here is the picture of the box (middle row to the left. The one in the bottom row is made out of tetra packs but didn't turn out the way I wanted it.)

It looks like we are language learning junkies. Well, we are but that are not only my books a lot of them belong to Andreas.
I made a matching pencil holder for the desk in that room too:

Thus old magazines can turn into something nice if you are creative. ;) I planned to make some new bags soon. Since the weather is great today I will work in the garden later.
Enjoy your Sunday and take care.