Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life, the roller coaster, and I

God evening,

In a series of perfect days there will be one which is less perfect than the others. In my life that day is  today. I learned that people I like are not doing well at the moment. I feel helpless, confused, and worried.
After coming home from work I wanted to finish a coiled fabric bowl but my sewing machine broke down. A whole series of unfortunate events of maybe the law of attraction?
My sister kind of believes in it and I bought the book to figure out what's behind it. Maybe you heard of it, its "catchy" title is "the secret".
It's written in a weird way, a mixture between interview and explanatory text style. If I had to sum up the content, it would be: make sure you know what you want, believe in it and it will happen.
Since many educated and magnificent people believe in the law of attraction I guess it's worth a try. I started to wish for parking lots and that works somehow, although I didn't specified the type of parking lot and always end up with the more challenging ones. I already have a wish for tomorrow: I am grateful for a warm, nice, and calm day.
If your life feels not at ease at the moment don't worry I'm convinced it will get better :)

Take care.