Thursday, April 22, 2010

Frog and the Apple Tree

Good Morning Everyone

Due to the magnificent spring weather we have, I made some pictures of my little garden. At the moment it's still looking good. I tried to get ridd of pest plants with little to no success at all, as you can see on the picture with the frog.
At least the frog is still visible. At the moment I enjoy every second beeing in one of the two gardens. The smaler one behind the house is beautiful. Both apple trees started to blosom two days ago. The left one knows how to make stakeholders happy :).
It didn't grow much but it produced lots of apples each year. The other tree has never given anything about us as his stakeholders last year we didn't reep any apples and it grew unexpectionally fast. If we will not receive any apples this year I will cut it back to an apropriate size. Enjoy a picture of the blosoms, I hope they will last a cuple of days.
I worked on a series of post about frugal living which I will release in the upcoming days. Be shure to drop by and leave a post.

Frog, Apple Tree, I wish you a wonderful week.
Take Care.