Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mountain violation

My boss, who owns a degree in geography, calls it "mountain violation", I call it one of the best way to pass a winter day in Austria ;).
Today I had to get up early (7:00 AM) to get ready to drive to one of the closest skiing areas. This time we decided against Reit im Winkel because it's boring and has to many T-bar lifts *brrr*. Thus we went to Lofer in Austria a skiing area especially built for families. In general the slopes are manageable for beginners apart from some rather exhausting parts.
Here are some pictures from our snow event:

For tomorrow we have planed to watch Avatar in 3D. Unfortunately, we will have to go to Austria again because it's the closest cinema with 3D technology from Andrea's mother's home. This time we will drive to Braunau which was the birthplace of a rather unpopular German/Austrian celebrity. Well, at least the cinema is great.