Tuesday, December 8, 2009

:( I definitively need to get Swedish right

As I wrote before, languages are very fascinating, at least for me. I always want to understand the people wherever I am. Well, sometimes it's good not to understand ;) but apart from these moments I prefer to understand what's written or spoken. Today I took a look at a multilingual system and got hooked up again. This language is just adorable and short: "Lahajapaperililaus"
It's the only language that can state even complicated issues in one word.
Unfortunately I restricted myself regarding the amount of languages I learn to the current ones (English, Spanish, and Swedish). Once I'm good enough in Swedish I will pick up Finnish.
Working in an international driven company I probably should rather learn Polish or, Russian but I haven't developed interest in this languages yet. Some weeks ago a colleague mentioned that I should learn Rumanian instead of other languages because it's such a nice languages and so easy to learn etc. That's more interesting than Russian or Polish because I already know someone to talk to. Here's my language wish-list for 2010:

1.) Conserve my English
2.) Taking the next step to fluency in Spanish
3.) Finish the Swedish textbook (finally, I'm stucked in the middle)
4.) If there is time left (which probably isn't) start learning Finnish

I guess my annual goal planing session for 2010 will be complicated the world just offers too many fascinating topics to learn about. Once I'm done with the goal settings I'll let you know :)

Take care.