Monday, December 28, 2009

The miracle of missing loved or handy objects

When we put together the new couch at my mothers house a few days ago I wanted to use an electrical screw driver to ease the effort. Unfortunately or as usual we didn’t find one in father’s well equipped “Werkstadt”. To enable us to put the couch together my mother bought a new one, and in memory of my father a good one of course.

I seriously know that we already own at least one good electrical screw driver but all of them seam to be on holiday at the moment.

Did you ever experience one of this situations? What I really would like to know is where is the stuff we are searching desperately for? I came up with this answers so far:

  • gone, but nobody knows where
  • well hidden
  • a glitch in our brain we never had such a thing anyway
  • happily living at a friends place because we lent it and forgot about it
  • ran away in frustration because we didn’t used it
  • somehow found the way in the trash can and was disposed

One might be an answer for the absence of one or two electrical screw drivers but for all of them? Apart from the screw driver I am missing my wool gismo and I am searching for it every time when I am at my mothers place. A wool gismo is a machine to make a wool ball and is very useful if you don’t want to do it by hand.

Until now (yes I tried it again also my mother told me that she hadn’t found it while cleaning the roof in summer) I haven’t found it.

The more I write the less I believe that this is normal, the house must be bewitched.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the couch but I took some while we put the other furniture together. I love the fireplace my mother got installed ;)

Take care of your belongings ;) and pet them from time to time.