Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend creativity

It's remarkable how mind works. I'm preparing for my exams at the moment and yet my mind pops up  fresh creative ideas.  Normally I do write them down or just doodle the idea in my idea book, but this weekend I wanted to give one of the ideas a try. As you can see from the pictures, I succeeded :). I'm now a proud owner of 10 brand new juggling balls ;). As a side-effect I juggled a lot today. Tomorrow I'll attend the juggling training again. Maybe I'll find someone who can explain 4 ball juggling, if not I'll be tossing clubs around unsuccessfully for an hour as I did the last time.
Speaking of unsuccessfulness, I read a new book. It's called "secrets of the millionaire mind" and is basically a comparison between the mindset of middle class people, millionaires and those who will never have enough money.
One insight I probably wouldn't have stated the way the author does is that to be really good at something you have to suck badly at the beginning. After thinking that one though I have to admit that he is right. So if you think you suck at something, may it be financial issues, business, recreation, math, PE,  or what ever don't be frustrated it might as well be just the beginning of becoming an expert in that area. The key is to keep going and to follow the Ferengi's seventh rule of acquisition:

"Keep your ears open!" 

Take care.