Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthdays .....

I forget birthdays all the time and I especially hate to be reminded of them by caring others. It always makes me feel like being an idiote. I nearly forgot my neeces birthday as well. I really need to feed my online calendar with the birthdays of loved ones and friends. Maybe with a reminder 5 days prior to the date so that amazon has enough time to ship something ;).
Needless to say that I forgot another birthday again, I'm here to write about the first aniversary of my beloved blog. What an amazing year! 128 posts. Sometimes I just browse through the entries to remeber what happed during that time. All the thoughts, ideas, and emotions in one place combined with videos and pictures.
Starting the blog project as a self experiment and forcing myself to post everyday I learned that there is something worthwhile to notice in every day. Sometimes these little aspects are rather nice ones, or sometimes they are rather ones that set me of. Either way this is it and it's your decission whether you want to read the entries or not.
During the year I figured out that posting on a daily basis is not working for me. I also figured out that it's way to stressful to check google analytics every second day and to invest thoughts about the amounts of readers or their global distribution. Once I stopped doing so blogging started to be more fun to do. I lately figured out that I also don't need the comments section. So the big change for this year is that I will simplify the blog and post only if I have the time to do so and if I have something to share. Apart from that I really hope that this year will be as exiting, frustrating, out of my compfort zone, cheering, calm and interesting as the last one was.