Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I soon will be famous for my handbag. We are preparing a webinar with a "how to session" at work at the moment and one of my colleagues asked me if he could have my bag to use as a demo item. The upside of that project is that it's quite different from what I usually do at work, and of couse that I got a nice picture of that purse ;). I'm really curiouse how this whole webinar thing will turn out. Apparently, webinars seem to be a big issue in the US. They do exist in Germany too but I couldn't find noteworthy ones :(.
It's odd to start this weeks post with work related topics, because I am on holiday. Well, we decided to use a full week for construction issues in our home. To show all the changes we already made we took some pictures. I'll post some as soon as Andreas converted them ;).

Until then take care.