Sunday, June 6, 2010


It's good to reset your mindset once in a while. I encountered the fact that one of the few constants in my life is in deed change. Whether it is the fact that your workout schedule does not guarantee the promised results, a new thesis to be considered, or a close person reacting odd, suchlike events always make me think.
So that's what I did for the past days: thinking. I'm sorry for not posting anything but I didn't want to share unfinished thoughts that are not balanced at all. I am investing my spare time in the following parts at the moment:
  • the art of diplomacy, or in other words everything that has to do with public speaking, how to give feedback etc.
  • my garden. It is instant gratification and the idea to pull out the wild blackberry plants including their roots might actually work
  • psychology and related topics
  • running, today I ran the longest track ever (from the garbage cans to Jesus ;), don't ask I have to take pictures for an explanation)
Enjoy the nice weather and as soon as I finished the thinking part I might post some creative stuff again.
Cheers Me.