Monday, May 10, 2010

Coolest pin-board pins ever

Aren't they cool? Unfortunately, my keyboard died Saturday night. I don't know why I really loved it and cared for it. I even cleaned it. Well, that's probably the last part of being a geek....
After figuring out that the keyboard is responsible for the drrrr sound, I tried everything from cleaning it over and over again up to putting it into the dishwasher. Since all of it didn't show the result I longed for I tried to carefully remove the keys to see whether there is something under them or not. It didn't work :(.
Thus I ended up in ripping the last keys out to turn them into pin-board pins. I guess I'll go and buy myself a new keyboard during the week.
What happened apart from that?
The new grass turns out great. Rolf even had to cut it :).
We went to the hot-pot again to relax and to forget about all the tasks that are open to do. I corrected half of my classes final exams and the students are way better than the last ones I had. The upcoming week will be easier then the past ones, only the weather is remarkably wet these days.
So take care of your keyboards, love them, hug them, clean them, and just in case they don't appreciate your fellowship have a glue gun close by ;)

Greetings Me.